¡¤Ticket booking Guide
1).Telephone Booking
£¼Chinese£¾Ticket Booking Hotline: 800-820-7910,400-820-7910,021-62727910,021-62728333.
£¼English£¾Ticket Booking Hotline: 021-62189950,021-62189930.
2).E-mail Ticket Booking
You can send book tickets through E-mail to the following addresses:
3).Purchase tickets through our sales point
Address: Room 23B,No.420 (He Yi Building), JiangNing Road, Shanghai China (200041).
4).Online Ticket Booking
Ticketing Process is summarized as follows: Select the venue and ticket price¡¡-£¾¡¡Click the Price to enter your ticket folder (Check out or view more tickets)¡¡-£¾¡¡Log In/sign Up¡¡-£¾¡¡Fill in Delivery Information¡¡-£¾¡¡Select your payment¡¡-£¾¡¡Confirm Order¡¡-£¾¡¡Submit Order.
Shanghai Users: Cash On Delivery (The payment is made in cash at our delivery of your ticket(s).
Users in suburbs and other provinces: Money Order, Credit/Debit Card Payment, and Online payment.
Oversea Users: Western Union Payment, Debit card Payment, Visa, and Master Card Payment.
Western Union Payment
You can go to your nearby Western Union Locations to send the payment to our appointed receiver. After remittance, please provide us with the Money Remittance No by telephone (86-21-62189950) or E-mail (ticketsstar@hotmail.com), we will deliver your tickets after receiving your payment.
Receiver£ºWenXiu LU
Address£º23B, 420 Jiangning Road, Shanghai 200041
Home Delivery (Shanghai Area):
We only offer the home delivery service in the Shanghai area. After the order is confirmed over the phone, the validity of ticket is ensured. (We will cancel your order if we cannot contact you within 48 hours of the time of purchase). Delivery covers inside Pu Xi inner ring and the Lujiazui Pu Dong free of charge. Delivery to other regions is subject to additional fees. Tickets ordered in other provinces and cities than Shanghai can be delivered by mail or other means.
Attention£º£¨1£©Price, time and place of delivery of the ticket are determined by phone confirmation;£¨2£©Only costs within RMB 100Yuan are covered by the free delivery. Extras beyond the covered amount will be charged.
Oversea Express Delivery:
DHL Oversea delivery cost could be check from the International Express Service Price List.

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